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“La Bussola” is proud to present interesting trekking excursions to all lovers of hiking and nature itineraries. The service includes shuttle to/from the starting point of this fantastic nature experience. The tour starts in Caria, a typical agricultural village 5 km from Tropea (VV).

Tropea Trekking (Zany)The itinerary will let you admire a picturesque castle of the eighteenth century, than you’ll walk through the historic center of the village until you will reach the “antico sentiero” which means “old path”, an old mule track a few years ago restored by volunteers of the Association in collaboration with the local foresters. Beautiful landscapes along this stretch trail characterized by typical Mediterranean vegetation (broom, arbutus, cistus, Mauritanian grass, fennel, oregano, etc..) and small oaks.

Once you will have reached the “small river” you will first visit the ruins of an old mill dating from the eighteenth century, and then the group will follow a specially designed hike with bridges and fences. Here you will admire a landscape completely different from the first: majestic poplars, superb acacia, chestnut and many other tree species. Among the many species of plants, the most interesting is undoubtedly the rare fern “Woodwardia Radicans.”

The group will climb up the hill to return to the country of Caria. From here you will reach the “Farm Leo”, an old farmhouse surrounded by olive trees where many animals live (horses, boars, geese, chickens, ducks, cats, etc..). Guests will relax and have typical Calabrian lunch with local products.


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