Stromboli by night excursions tours

Stromboli by night excursions tours from Tropea

Stromboli is the western island of the archipelago: it is 25 miles away from Tropea and 28 miles away from Capo Vaticano (1h20 / 1h30 fast motorboat). The Island is 920 m above sea level.

The craters are formed by three cones, whose volcanic eruptions are explosive, launching of lava and magma. The lava flows are channeled in a wide slope to the sea, called the “Sciara di Fuoco” (fire slope). The majority of people (about 500), lives in a small village “Ficogrande.” The island of Stromboli is famous all over the world since it was location of some international films.

Here is the program of the excursion to STROMBOLI BY NIGHT:

Departure from Port of Tropea at 15:00, arrival to Stromboli around 16:15; circumnavigation around the island of Stromboli and stop at the port of San Vincenzo Stromboli around 17:30. Passengers are free to visit the beautiful village, have dinner and shop. Departure from the island at 20:30, and another stop near the vicinity of “SCIARA DI FUOCO” (fire slope) where you will admire the amazing volcano explosions. Arrival in Tropea approximately at 23:00. The timetable and the program will be confirmed at time of booking the trip.

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Other tours available on request with reservations required:

  • Stromboli by night + Panarea starting at 11:00 and return at 23:00 (only in certain periods);
  • Volcano trekking, starting at 7:50 and return at 19:00 / 19:40 approx.

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