Gastronomic tours in Tropea Capo Vaticano Calabria

Gastronomic Tours in Tropea Calabria The traditions of Wine and Gastronomy are a fundamental aspect of every culture and place we visit. We propose a series of Gastronomic tours around Calabria, that offer our guest the possibility to taste the local products and see their preparation; moreover tours are held in beautiful settings that provide a number of interesting activities.

COME AND DISCOVER THE TYPICAL TASTES OF OUR TRADITION: We can offer various Wine and Gastronomic itineraries in the area between Capo Vaticano Tropea: we are affiliated with companies producing and processing local products: ‘nduja di Spilinga, Tropea red onion, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, ricotta cheese, fresh pasta (“the fileja”), “mastacciuoli” cookies made in Soriano Calabro, licorice, chocolate, etc.. You will taste the products and see with the processing and preparations of such products. We also arrange extra virgin olive oil tasting courses releasing of a certificate of participation, and a guided tasting of wines of Calabrian IGT and D.O.C. wines, directly at the winery. The organization of some tours depends on the number of participants.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes in Calabria

Our cooking classes in Tropea Calabria are beautiful experiences that will let you discover one of our passions: cooking. Do you want to learn the secrets of homemade pasta? Or learn how to choose the right wine for your meals? We suggest you try to dive into the magical world of Calabrian cuisine, just for one afternoon, for three days, or for an entire week.

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'Nduja gastronomic Tour

Lavorazione Nduja di spilinga in Calabria

Guided 'Nduja gastronomic tour to visit a local farm producing sausages and 'nduja di Spilinga. The tour starts with the explanation of the processing cycle of the product, from raw materials.

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Red Onion gastronomic tours

Red onion gastronomic tours in Tropea Calabria

Guided red onion gastronomic tour to visit a local farm producing and processing of the typical Red Onion: onion mousse, onion marinade, onion paté, “spicy bomb” and other Calabrian specialties and recipes.

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Ricotta and Cheese gastronomic Tours

Ricotta and cheese Tours Calabria Tropea

Preparation and taste of ricotta and cheese: This experience takes place during the Calabrian Evening (once a week) at the Country Hotel Restaurant “La Bussola”.

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