Free Internet - Wi-Fi

Hotel Tropea Calabria with free internet Wi Fi

Surf on the internet without wires for free ... The Country Hotel Restaurant “La Bussola” in Capo Vaticano Ricadi offers guests free Internet access with its Wi-Fi system throughout the hotel connection.

We are one of the few hotels in Tropea Capo Vaticano in Calabria which offers free internet access!

Each guest will be free to surf on the Internet in his/her room or in the common areas in the hotel. Upon arrival you simply need to ask the log-in information to access the network. The access point will allow you to access the Wi-Fi network with your device.

Connecting to the Internet using Free Wi-Fi Country Hotel Restaurant “La Bussola” in Capo Vaticano di Ricadi near Tropea in Calabria

Free Hotel Wi- Fi in South Italy!

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