Bar Tropea Capo Vaticano south Italy

The cozy tiny bar is made up of a brand new counter and a refined lounge with a 42 inch Full HD satellite TV. The perfect place for gourmets, for Italian coffee and ice cream lovers, for funs of aperitifs, beers, spirits and cocktails !

A high-quality coffee, a typical tartufo of Pizzo Calabro (ice cream), an aperitif before lunch or dinner, a digestive like white grappa, the local Vecchio Amaro del Capo or a good Calabrian limoncello … the cozy bar will satisfy you and thanks the panoramic veranda you'll enjoy your special moment outdoor or under the stars ...
The hotel has been designed to offer the maximum comfort and relax to its guests. You can stop at the bar to eat something quickly without wasting time. If you want to spend some time with friends you can sit at the tables and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the lounge. Moreover, thanks to the free wireless Internet connection, you can share your special moments with your friends or carry out your work duties in a relaxed manner. In the afternoon you can find at the bar guests who taste the delicious truffles (directly from Pizzo Calabro), guests who work or surf in the Internet, taking advantage of our always available Wi-Fi service.

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