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The Giuliano Family has been managing the Hotel Country Restaurant “La Bussola” since 1973, with accuracy and a special attention to the guests’ needs. Their warm welcome, hospitality will make your holidays really unique, genuine and authentic.

See… Let you eyes discover colors and shapes of an inimitable nature … and the splendor of an unforgettable past.

Listen… listen to the wind that recounts legends in the grove of reeds , listen to the sea roaring among the cliffs… listen to the beaches whispering on the undertow , listen to the sacred silence of the woods.

Smell… feel the scent of the orange blossoms, smell the fragrance of the mossy Mediterranean maquis or the aroma of fruit gardens.

Taste… Taste the strong flavors of the local kitchen, a mix of culture and tradition.

Touch… plunge your hands into the white sand, touch lighlty the dewy flowers, touch in your mind the horizon line, and keep following it over and over again.

Done…? So, welcome to the surroundings of Capo Vaticano, Ricadi and Tropea, in the province of Vibo Valentia.

We wish you an amazing time here at the Hotel Country Restaurant “La Bussola” in Capo Vaticano di Ricadi, Calabria

La Bussola Family

Fabrizio - Tony - Dario - Stefano - Annamaria - Joe Giuliano

Why La Bussola?WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE “La Bussola Hotel” ?

5 Good reasons

Because “La Bussola” represents a different way to enjoy Calabria. Calabria is a simple life territory, rich in traditions and folklore, gastronomy, orange trees, vineyards and flowered fields, legends and country trails, old columns and houses, a territory between seaside and mountains , between astonishing views and beautiful routes to be discovered. It is the perfect place for those who want to visit charming and hidden places, for those who want to enjoy every shade of color, every scent and sound … For those who want to discover history, culture and traditions in a restful and peaceful place.

1. You will feel like a guest, not like a customer. This is our main goal since 1973 … we are convinced that working in the tourism industry means to give emotions, it is not simply a job. You will see the authenticity and the spontaneity of the Giulano Family and their staff, you will enjoy the Mediterranean hospitality and the warm welcome that characterizes this part of Italy. You will enjoy all the services and comforts of this modern hotel in which each member of the staff will give the best to show the passion and motivation to make you live a unique and unforgettable experience in Capo Vaticano, Calabria, an experience that will exceed your expectations … We’ll do our best to make your holiday an experience you will remember, talk about and repeat.

2. To have the break you deserve, far away from stress and everyday life reaching an oasis of peace, smelling the authentic scents and tasting the typical flavors. You’ll enjoy the best of our territory, in the heart of nature. At the Hotel Restaurant “La Bussola” everything has been designed to give relax, familiarity, intimacy and tranquility: the pool, the garden, the delicate colors and the classic Mediterranean furniture, the lemon and orange trees that will offer the shade to read a book or have a drink … and, if you want, you can balance relax and work thanks to the Wi-Fi Internet.

3. Because … “A good beginning makes a good ending”... and the beginning of the day here is so good! Breakfast is served both buffet and Italian style… it is a delicious beginning that makes everybody happy !

4. To enjoy the suggested itineraries, trails, excursions and wine & gastronomy tours, to visit the famous amazing places and the secret spots as well … and enjoy every single minute of your holiday.

5. To be sure of your choice. Transparency is very important to us. For this reason the pictures on the website have the aim to show you a “360 degrees” view of the rooms, the pools, the halls, the reserved spaces, the terrace and the surrounding of Capo Vaticano and Tropea.

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